EDOWSC News Mid-May 2015

Now that the evenings are lighter swim sessions at Shore Road will commence at 6:30 pm prompt. Please arrive early enough to register and change to be in the water at 6:30. This applies to Tuesday and Sunday swims.

The shower drains in the changing rooms are being blocked with sand. It is imperative that wetsuits are NOT rinsed in the showers – use the cold water shower just to the north east of the chalets for rinsing wetsuits.

Volunteers are required for registering the swimmers and for beach walking. If there is no one to do registration there will be no swim.

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Club Members

Our thriving Club is supported entirely by volunteers : people like you! Even if you don't fancy a dip in the sea, we can always do with more help.You could:

– walk the beach, ensuring swimmers have a safe enjoyable experience
– man one of our safety canoes as a qualified lifeguard.
– take the register so we know all our swimmers are accounted for
– help prepare refreshments and hot drinks.

And if that hasn't whetted your appetite, Gerry Griffin will happily get you involved

You can contact Gerry by email: Gerry-Wareham2003@hotmail.co.uk

Join Us

We are a group of open water swimming enthusiasts of varying abilities. Our members range from competitive swimmers and triathletes to social swimmers who enjoy swimming in relative safety with like-minded people. Swimmers are organised into small groups of similar abilities. When possible, the club arranges for safety cover in the form of accompanying kayaks and beach walking observers

Tuesday sessions for Club Members will recommence mid April 2015 through to September and Sunday sessions for experienced club open water swimmers begin May 2015. Initial taster swims are only available on the first Tuesday of the month, commencing May 2015 through to August.

You will find more information on the Club and how to book a taster session and become a member under the About menu tab.

Seahorse Swim 2013 from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Studland Beach
The sixth East Dorset Open Water SC 2km & 3.8km Seahorse Swim will take place on 5 July 2015 near Knoll Beach, Studland by kind permission of the National Trust and in support of the Seahorse Trust.
– This is not an ASA event.
– You will find videos from previous Swims under the Gallery tab. Follow the menu links.
Click for 2014 report and results and gallery; 2013 report and results; 2012 press release and 2012 results; 2011 swim results and 2010 press release and results.

Featured Articles


Protecting threatened British Seahorses

Read how The Seahorse Trust is lobbying to protect probably the most important place for Spiny Seahorses to breed in the UK at Studland Bay from loss of habitat. Since 2008 numbers of known individuals have dropped from 40 to 1 in 2014 which is tragic.

Swim Track for Kate Todd

Channel tunnel vision

Ali Budynkiewicz has shared the inspirational news that Kate Todd, who was awarded the 2012 most improved female swimmer award by EDOWSC, swam the channel in 15h 26m on 2 October 2014.


EDOWSC 10km Swim 2014 Results

Jordan Young (02:55:52), Rob Kellaway (03:05:12) and Mark Harris (03:05:40) were the fastest 3 finishers in the club sea swim from Sandbanks to Southbourne on 7 September 2014.

Tom, Judith, Chris and Mark of the @edowsc Chilli Nutters

Chilli Nutters Channel Relay 2014

Update 16 Aug 2am #edCN14 – @edowsc Chilli Nutters got the go ahead for their Channel relay crossing and left Dover at 11am on Fri 15 Aug. They completed it after 15h 14m of challenging conditions – well done to all.

Brownsea Swim 2014

Brownsea Swim 2014 Results

The 2014 around Brownsea Island Swim on 13 July 2014 was well-supported by EDOWSC swimmers and volunteers. Our thanks as always go

– RLSS Poole for organising the event and providing safety cover assisted by local lifeguarding clubs.
– National Trust
– John Lewis Partnership

Seahorse Swim 2014

Seahorse Swim 2014

Our Swim21 accredited club’s open water Seahorse Swim across Studland Bay in support of The Seahorse Trust and National Trust took place on 22 Jun 2014 and was filmed by Ross Birnie & Will Goldenberg.

Seahorse Swim

Sold out

Entries closed for Seahorse Swim 2015

Entries are now closed for the 2km and 3.8km swims on Sunday 5 July 2015 from Knoll Beach, Studland.

We sent confirmation of entry emails to everyone who submitted a complete application and paid the corresponding fee.

An applicant (online or postal) in receipt of acknowledgement email from us who has not received confirmation of entry has 7 days in which to send the required payment to complete the entry.

Anyone who has sent in or made payment without submitting a corresponding application has 7 days to submit the entry form.

Following this we will open a reserve list.



Provisional Events Calendar 2015

Click to view calendar which is being updated – please check back regularly for more 2015 listings. and when provided, events on British Swimming calendar * (with contact details of officials organiser).
The club meets at Shore Road in Poole (just east of Sandbanks) on Tuesdays 6.00 pm for a 6.15 pm swim. The first swim of the 2015 season for Club members will be mid April. Naturally the decision to swim is subject to weather and sea conditions. Contact Gerry Griffin for further details. Sunday swims for Club members who are experienced open water swimmers recommence in May 2015 (same time and place).
Please note initial taster sessions are only available on the first Tuesday of each month (commencing May to September). If bad weather prevents this on the first Tuesday, it will be on the following Tuesday.
* means Club targeted



SW Region & Dorset ASA 2015 Open Water Championships, Age Group & Taster Events

27 June 2015 Weymouth Open 10Km
28 June 2015 ASA SW Region & Somerset ASA Open Water Championships and Age Group Events

Distances from 750m Open Water Taster event to 10km


Poole Park 125 Logo

Poole Park 125th Anniversary Event

This summer the Borough of Poole will be celebrating a historic milestone as Poole Park celebrates its 125 year anniversary. The event will showcase and celebrate the history and heritage of the Park through the decades and afford audiences both young and old the opportunity to partake in the event, offering a wide range of activities to participate in or simply obtain information from local organisations and businesses.

Swim 21


ASA Survey for Non-Aquatic Volunteers 2015

Help the ASA to attract more volunteers into our sport and break down the barriers to volunteer participation.



FWAC 2014 Presentation by Colin Hill

The Official Fina World Aquatics Convention 2014 Conference Programme was held in Doha 2014 before the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m). Video featuring Colin Hill’s presentation on open water swimming (12m 27s)



The long crawl to France

Find out what goes into to becoming an English Channel swimmer!

Can you help?

Sign Up Below!Our thriving Club is supported entirely by volunteers – people like you! Even if you don’t fancy a dip in the sea, we can always do with more help, particularly with tasks related to helping our sessions run smoothly and safely.

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