Do’s and Don’ts


  • Listen to the briefing before you swim
  • Wear the club swim hat and wristband
  • Inform us if you have a medical condition and treatment plan
  • Familiarise yourself with the emergency action plan
  • “Buddy up” in the water with a swimmer of similar ability
  • Wear a waterproof watch to time your swim
  • Make sure you sight a straight line
  • Listen to instructions from the support canoes
  • Ensure you have warm clothes for after your swim, several thin layers are better than one thick jumper
  • Make sure you check back in after your swim


  • Drink alcohol before you swim, or eat a heavy meal
  • Drift out beyond the safety marker buoys and canoe support
  • Swim off on your own
  • Swim before the briefing for your group and hat colour
  • Swim for more than the briefing time